Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I call 911 through the app? The app must be opened and the "Call 911" button pressed to activate 911 Alert's features. When the "Call 911" button is pressed the emergency text alert is immediately sent to the emergency contacts and the app features are initiated. Once that is done, the phone's dial pad opens with 911 pre-programmed for the caller to press their phone's call button to then dial 911. 

*If you do not open 911 Alert to initiate the app, your emergency contacts will not be notified when you call 911.

2. I signed up but I am not able to complete my registration, why? A short code is sent to complete your registration. If you do not receive the six digit code immediately after submitting your registration, it could be that you have a block on your phone for short codes. To troubleshoot the issue, please contact your service provider.

3. What if I don't have ten people to notify? No problem, you have the ability to add up to ten emergency contacts and you can add/delete contacts any time you want.

4. Can I be an emergency contact for more than one person? Yes, you can be an emergency contact for as many people who ask and you choose to be for.

5. Will someone just add me as their emergency contact or can I accept/deny the request? You will receive a text message notifying you of the request to add you as an emergency contact. At that point, you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the invite.

6. I need to call 911 for someone else (or myself) and I don't want to alarm my emergency contacts. How will I not alarm them? Simply call 911 through your phones native call button. For 911 Alert to work your call MUST be made through our app.

7. Will someone be able to track my phone any time they want? No, the ability to track the phone is only activated with a call to 911 on the cell phone through the app.

8. How long could my phone be tracked? A maximum of twenty-four hours or until the caller disables the tracking feature.

9. Does This Integrate With Life Alert Or Similar Devices? 911 Alert does not integrate with Life Alert or other similar emergency alert devices.

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