“We know there’s no shortage in 911 calls, the one issue that has yet to be addressed is family and friends knowing that the 911 call has happened immediately when the 911 call is made.” - Steven VanDyke, CEO Fight...Win...Survive and 911 Alert Creator

*iPhone development begins April 1, 2020. The estimated device launch is July 2020.


Feel safer with 911 Alert – the 911 call emergency alert app. The insurance you need and the assurance you’ll have, because it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

911 Alert gives you a peace of mind by sending an emergency alert to up to 10 selected contacts who can follow your location and help you if needed.


- SIREN ALERT: When you call 911, the 911 Alert app will also inform your contacts about your emergency situation with an emergency SMS. This is sent in the form of a pre-set siren so your emergency contacts don’t miss the alert. The siren will alert your emergency contacts regardless of the phone's profile status (sound, vibrate or silent).

- LIVE LOCATION: In addition to sending an emergency text and location, this app also allows your emergency contacts to follow your LIVE location. The LIVE tracking follows you in real-time and your location is tracked for 24 hours.

- GROUP CHAT: A group chat for your emergency contacts opens, where you can communicate about the situation and find relevant solutions. A pre-set audible alert will also provide immediate notification when chat messages are left (no sound override for this feature).


- Anyone can receive the alert, even if the contact doesn’t have the app installed. Even though our emergency text app is only available for Android users (at this time), iPhone users listed as emergency contacts will also receive the emergency alert.

- Some individual phone operating systems may not allow for the overriding of “silent” mode.

- The chat feature allows the caller and/or the emergency contacts the ability to communicate and coordinate after a 911 call is made. Only emergency contacts with the app downloaded to their phone will have this ability to chat.

- The chat feature will be available for 72 hours after the 911 call was made. Once the 72 hours have elapsed the 911 call, the chat will be removed from the system; however, the emergency contacts will have the chat transcript emailed to them after its removal.

Have peace of mind knowing your family and dearest friends will have your back in case of any emergency situation.

☑️ Get 911 Alert – the emergency contact app for even greater insurance, assurance, convenience, and safety with the subscription of just $4.99 a year!

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