An App that QUICKLY Alerts Family & Friends When You Call 911

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WHAT IS 911 Alert?

911 Alert is a new smartphone app that will instantly text up to 10 designated contacts from a phone dialing 9-1-1. Emergency contacts linked up through the app will be notified of the caller’s location and be connected with fellow contacts through a chat that allows all parties to effectively communicate.

If you are in an emergency situation and your loved ones are not around, you need to call them one by one and explain the situation many times over and often this process is delayed and slow. 911 Alert allows families and friends to connect instantly.

*iPhone version still to come (estimated release July 2020), however emergency contacts who have iPhones will still receive emergency text.


When a call to emergency services is initiated, the app will instantly and simultaneously send a text alert to up to 10 emergency contacts. Both the caller and their contacts can interact through an in app chat feature. In many situations where a  person is under threat from another party, this silent form of communication will be the only option that keeps them safe.   The location of the primary phone will also be revealed to chosen contacts so that they can find out where the caller was when the emergency took place and if they are on the move. It’s ideal for any situation. 


When emergencies happen, you want to be prepared. You want to know that you have the tools you need to respond effectively before you actually need them. This is what responsibility is all about: planning for contingencies so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The more support that you position for yourself, the more confident you can be about your safety. 

FREE for ONE emergency contact and conveniently priced at just $4.99 a year (for up to TEN emergency contacts), 911 Alert is affordable for all, making this high-powered app an innovation poised to change people’s lives and change the way we approach emergency preparedness as a society. Live alone? Over the age of 65? Concerned about a loved one? This is the app for you!

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